Synthetic Leather

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red leather lounge chair.

Synthetic leathers consist of a synthetic material which is embossed with a grain resembling leather and backed with fabric. There are various types and qualities of synthetic leather, and typically PVC (poly vinyl chloride), Polyurethane, and Polyamide microfiber are the most common synthetic materials used. Although it’s considered to be non-porous, it is breathable, which means that stains can penetrate the material.

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  • Use a soft damp cloth with some mild detergent. Be sure to wring the cloth out well so it is not drenched. Dry off with a soft cloth.
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  • Dark colored clothes like jeans can transfer onto light colors, especially if wet. If this occurs, wipe it as soon as you notice it. Wiping away with a wet cloth and some detergent immediately will help. The stain could become worse if not taken care of immediately.
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Best Practices

  • Treat it like you would treat real leather.
  • Using a product like a leather moisturizer will not have the same effect as with real leather, but it will add a thin protective layer to your synthetic leather that will make it easier to clean.
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  • Don’t leave exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Never use bleach, even if the synthetic leather is white. Bleach will affect the structure of the fabric and can eventually crack.
  • Never rub or scrub anything abrasive on your synthetic leather as it will crack or rip.
Please note : While the care and maintenance information provided is sourced from reliable and trusted industry experts, Qubik Furniture cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of following our product maintenance guides. We highly recommend exercising caution and test in an inconspicuous area before applying any cleaning or maintenance methods to your furniture.